• Prisoners

    “It’s locked”, He said defeated.
    “Maybe if we all push together again”, she protested.
    “No, it’s pointless”, he replied his voice bitter. “There is no way out. This is the end.”
    The others looked at him in dismay. They had known each other only for a short while –
    finding themselves prisoners in these metal walls – but they could tell he was tough. If anyone could save them, it was him – but even he was giving up.
    The heat kept increasing till it became unbearable. “Let us out” they banged and shouted on the prison walls, but no one heard them.
    Suddenly one of them started screaming.
    The others watched in horror as her flesh melted right before their eyes. One by one
    they all joined in. Screaming together as they disintegrated into nothingness.
    Outside Emma finally heard the sound, a high-pitched whistle of their screams shaking
    the metal walls. Rushing quickly, she released the bolts. The gush of steam from inside
    almost scalded her face. Peering in she saw they had all disappeared; dissolved into a
    giant sea of red.
    Except for him.
    He floated face down listlessly, no strength left in him. Everyone had always admired
    his sturdiness but today all was lost. He was tough no more!
    Emma looked at the scene before her eyes. Her face broke into a happy smile.
    Rubbing her hands in anticipation she sniffed the aroma coming from the pressure
    The Beef Stew was finally ready.

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