• A Blogger's love story

    So I keep hearing of these 'Engagement groups' in the blogging world. And unlike what I thought before, these are not ‘ijtamai mangnian’🙅🏻‍♀️
    They work by bumping a blogpost by getting a group of people to comment/React on it when posted. Quick audience engagement is the only way a post gets visibility otherwise it dies, lost in the endless sea of social media.
    Having done this blogging thing for a while now, I get it. It sucks not to have your hard work visible just because it didn’t do well on the onset.
    I tried it too but it didn’t do anything for me so I left. Being the kind of person who can’t ask friends or family to read/react to my posts, I'm left with just one option.
    My Husband
    Normally scheduled for around 8pm Australian Time, I’m mostly in the kitchen when my posts get published.
    What usually follows is a semi-long-distance conversation between me (in kitchen) and husband( in living room).
    Me: Husbannnddddd Husbannnndddddd
    Him: Kia haiiiiiiiiii?????
    (What is itttttttt?????)
    Me: Post ki hai blog peeeeeeee
    (I’ve posted on the bloggggggg)
    Him: Achaaaaaaaa
    Me: Parh lo na pleaseeeeee
    (Read it pleaseeeeeeeeeee)
    Him: Yaar baad main parhoon ga. Abhi time nahi haiiiiiii
    (I’ll do it later. Don’t have time right nowwww)
    Me: Acha phir sirf 'React' karlooooooo
    (Ok. Then only ‘React’ on ittttttttttttttt)
    Him: Kia karoooooon? 'Haha' ya ‘Love’?
    (What should I react? ‘Haha’ or ‘Love’?
    Me: 'Haha' kardo ..... aur Share bheeeeeee
    (Do ‘Haha’............. and share it toooooooo)
    Him: Haan. Kardiaaaaa
    (Okay. Doneeeeeeeee)
    and that my friends is the Love-story of a Blogger!!
    Photo courtesy: Iqra Shoukat Photography
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