• 1st Anniversary noonmeme's

    Today marks the

    1st Anniversary of my beloved NOONMEME’s. Some 365 days ago, I had hit the publish button of this page with this photo, an ‘About me’, a cool name, a logo and a tag line.
    “Life’s better when you’re laughing!”
    And it’s been. Alhamdulilah! 😄
    So at this momentous occasion, let me Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. After-all, YOU are the life of this party!
    آ پ سب کا تہے دل سے بہت بہت شکریا!!!
    But also, let me tell you a little secret. Something I’ve never told anyone before (except all the people who know me personally 😬)
    When I started this page, known today for its funny stories, I didn’t know I could ................
    WRITE! 🙈
    All I knew was - I had a knack of finding humor in the ordinary. I liked putting funny captions to photos. I was good at sharing appropriate GIFs for every occasions. I even had a history of making memes using my own child! 😬That, and armed with some heartfelt duas and a desire to help myself overcome postpartum blues, I delved right in.
    A leap of faith. 🤺
    Jumped. Bumped. Skidded. Landed. Made it Alive.
    So far!
    However, I always had one thing sorted - A contingency plan. What will I do if I fail and make a fool of myself? The answer was simple.
    DENY EVERYTHING!!!! 🙅🏻‍♀️
    I mean I have survived almost 34 years of my life in denial of all embarrassing situations, so what’s a little Facebook page.
    Let me give you an example.
    Person: Hey aren’t you the Noon-of-that-not-so-much-Meme’s?
    Me: Huh.. who.. wha? Noon ka Kia? Kis ka meme? Dude, what are you talking about? FYI the correct Urdu alphabetical order is meem noon. Go revise Qaida you angraiz ki aulaaad!
    You see, Research* tells us the average life of a social media mishap is precisely half a day. Lesser if you are a nobody. People simply forget and move on. Because really, NO ONE CARES! 🤷🏻‍♀️
    So here it is, the moral of this story. Do whatever you want without worry or fear. Start that business. Write that book. Stalk that ex-whoever. If you’re successful, life’s good. If you fail, deny and delete everything.
    Also don’t forget to clear your browser’s history. NEVER. EVER. 😐
    Happy anniversary Noonmeme’s. Here’s to hoping you survive 2019. Cheers 🥂
    *Note: Research based on noonmeme’s personal experiences, with no factual authenticity and 100% true.
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