• Terminology Nazi

    Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a Grammar Nazi. If you’re wondering whose a grammar Nazi? It’s WHO’S a grammar Nazi......
    In the last few years, i’d been teaching interior design to people who speak English fluently but unfortunately butcher the terminologies🤦🏻‍♀️
    I can’t tell you the number of times I‘ve been left frustrated, misunderstanding designs when students would call an object one thing while it was another!! So having been doing this for a while, I now identify myself as a Terminology Nazi. 🤓
    Let me explain.
    Calling a Ceiling 👉🏻 a Roof.
    Listen Bro! Ceiling is inside your house. It is where your fan hangs and chipkali crawls. Roof is outside your house. It is where your laundry hangs and crows do their business!
    Calling a Ground 👉🏻 a Floor.
    Sista! Ground is where you grow your sabzi (or throw your kachra if you’re in Karachi 😐) and floor is where you do your pocha or lay your carpet!
    And speaking of carpets, it is what covers entire rooms as opposed to Rugs that cover small areas (or stuff your children have spilled on the carpet and you can’t get out!) 🙈
    Similarly Basin (not the pakoray wala basin guys, it’s not Ramzan yet, focus please) is inside the bathroom where you wash your hands as opposed to sink which is inside the kitchen where you wash your dishes (or your husband 🤫). Wait no! I didn’t mean that’s where you wash your husband, I meant where your husband washes the dishes! 😂
    English is hard 😅
    Anyway I can go on and on as you know, but I really really shouldn’t 😬
    So the other day, when Chiria - my 2 year old - came running in from the backyard clutching something in her hands, I found myself saying.
    “Chiria! Why do you have those rocks in your hands?!?!!!”
    WAIT NO! 🚫
    “Not Rocks - I mean stones!!!!”
    *Timely correction, high-five Miss OCD ✋🏻*
    My 6 year old gave a quick glance at his sister’s hands. Giving me a scowl and a disapproving stare he retorted.
    What can I say?
    My job here is done  😎
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