• Love is physics

    Most people, when they talk about love, talk about chemistry. I’m here to tell you it’s physics. At least for me. And I know what I’m talking about because I aced my college physics exam with a 99 out of 100! No Rishwat, No Ratta!
    Ok maybe the latter.... a little bit 🤓
    The first time I met husband was at a birthday party of a common friend. For some reason I had decided to bake her birthday cake . This was strange because I had never baked ANYTHING in my life before. Anyway, I figured how hard could it be, Right?
    Turns out VERY HARD! So hard that she couldn’t cut through it, despite her best efforts! 😳🔪
    NoWhereNearHusbndYet volunteered to give it a go. He applied his full force and somewhere in between swearing out loud and bending the knife, our eyes met, the mass of his heart accelerated and our love story got set in motion! Had he any sense, he would have run in the other direction but hey, when Cupid Newton said “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, he knew what he was talking about!
    So Love, my friends, is physics!
    What’s marriage then, you ask?
    Ah! Marriage is META Physics!
    Defined as “A set of abstract theories with no basis in reality”, Meta physics is the point where your ‘physics’ stops making sense.
    Take ‘Time’ as an example. I always perceived it to be a shared entity. But it turns out, husband lives in an entirely different time zone. Whenever we need to reach somewhere urgently, I am done with choosing, ironing, clothing myself and both the kids, getting my makeup done, getting baby bag ready, putting snacks for the 10 minute drive, putting backup snacks for when they’ll refuse the first snacks, and all that while husband remains sitting in his chaddi banyian. Five minutes before it’s time to leave, he finally gets up and I jump in excitement defying the laws of gravity.... but NO.... it’s a false alarm! He has only decided to use the toilet or worse Shave... At this time .....
    FOR THE LOVE OF GALILEO!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
    Sigh! As I said, marriage, Metaphysics!
    If you’re wondering why I’m rambling on love and marriage today, it’s because it’s husband’s birthday and THIS is his birthday post. 😌
    “Happy birthday husband. Although our Magnetism isn’t what it used to be, you’re still the Atom of my life. I’m Positive after losing my Electrons to the kids that our life is all Entropy but you still make my heart Oscillate like a Pendulum. Here’s to wishing you lots more birthdays and Half Lives.”
    P.S: Husband, if you don’t understand the birthday wish, it’s because it makes Absolute Zero sense, just like us. ❤️
    P.P.S: Noonememers, Let me confess, I made up the “sitting in chaddi banyian part”. He’s actually pretty helpful. Also it’s cold here so he mostly sits in his PJs 🕺🏻
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