• About Me

    Hi Everyone.

    My name is Nayab (Noon ن) and I like to Meme (Meem م). I'm a Muslim Pakistani girl living in Australia, an architect/interior designer/design educator and a Desi-trying-to-be-angrezi mother of Two. I'm married to my best friend who loves Desserts, Pandas and Technology all in unhealthy amounts! As a family we are very lazy & mostly crazy so in 2018 I started this space to document and share our shenanigans with the world.. because why not?! 😏

    I like to look at life with rose-colored glasses. Finding meaning and miracles around me is my 'Thing'. Everyday I strive to create beauty. Sometimes you'll find me spinning humorous stories out of insignificant incidences, other times sharing my love for all things designed - Architecture, interiors, Graphic, the works!

    Noonmeme's is my happy place. From its name to content, it's full of things I love and want to offer you and the world.

    Thank-you for stopping by. I hope you visit often!