• On Christ Church 2019

    In the last three days I have been hiding in random corners of my house weeping silently. Outwardly everything is fine. We have had an unusually busy weekend. I have met multiple friends and even had an early birthday surprise. But amidst all the joy and festivities I have found myself falling into pits of sadness.
    I generally avoid news and social media when something bad happens. Being exposed to trauma takes a Big toll on my Little heart. But this time it’s different. For once, it didn’t feel like something I could shut off. This time it has hit right home.
    Reading the anti-Muslim statements by an Australian Senator, defending the actions of a terrorist who hails from Australia, I am faced with some important questions. How are we, the ‘Muslim Fanatics’ really viewed by general public? The everyday people of Australia?
    Did they think I was a fanatic when I would pray in generator room at work because there wasn’t another suitable place? Or Did they think I was a fanatic when I would be standing outside the classroom shoving iftar down my throat before starting my evening teaching class? or Do they think I’m a fanatic now when they see me clothed head to toe in scorching heat while they walk around in summer wear?
    I never thought of it before nor did I care. But it simply took ONE person to make me think twice before stepping out to pick my kids this Friday! Just ONE person to destroy my sense of safety in a place I call home.
    Today morning as we were rushing for our school run, my neighbour Jenny came to see me. Holding my hands in hers she asked if I was OK. For a moment I wasn’t sure what she meant till she mentioned Friday and Christchurch.
    She then told me the Sunday Mass at her church had made special prayers for the victims. How her heart breaks for all the Muslims around the world. How she knows we all belong to one God and our God is the same. She hugged me then long and hard and I finally felt a weight lift off my chest.
    Yes it takes ONE person, ONE white supremacist terrorist, ONE islamophobe senator to incite fear in our hearts but it also takes ONE person, ONE neighbour, ONE #eggboy to restore faith in humanity!
    As I complete another calendar year, I couldn’t be more conscious and grateful for this fragile beautiful blessing called LIFE!
    Alhamdulilah for Everything and Happy Birthday to me!
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