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    Hello old people,
    I'm Chiria, the second born.
    Here to tell you I’m taking over this space for today.
    I’m sick and mum’s been busy holding me all day so she won't have to do any ‘real’ work! She’s been whining about sore arms and lack of sleep when it’s hardly been two days! Sheesh honestly! Today’s mothers I tell you, No stamina whatsoever.
    Anyway, so while her brain’s a bit fogged up I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself.
    Here are 10 facts about me (Yes I know my numbers. All 10 of them!)
    1. Parents call me Chiria. Apparently I do lots of Chir Chir (whining). I don’t know what they are talking about. I simply like to do things MY way and expect the BEST. It’s for their own good really. How else will they improve their parenting skills? 😌
    2. I turned 2 this month. I know mum didn’t tell you. She was too busy posting about her own birthday 😒
    3. Being 2 is AWESOME. You’re old enough to throw Terrifyingly Terrible Tantrums and young enough to get away with it with a Cutesy Coochi Coo smile. ☺️
    4. Speaking of which I’ve been pulling off these really cool ones in public places. The kind mum used to cringe at when other kids were doing it (K is for karma Mommy. Hey I know my alphabets too!) 😁
    5. Screaming bloody murder is a great way to improve voice quality. I practice everyday. Multiple times. 😅
    6. I like to eat low calorie, zero fat food. Things like cucumbers and crackers. Eggs, meat, milk and rice are fattening and despite what my desi mother wants I won’t have any of it! 🙄
    7. Crying adds music to everyday boring tasks. Nappy changes, eating, bath time, car rides everything can be made more interesting with a fun little crying sesh. 😏
    8. My Older brother still acts like a baby so I have taken the responsibility of feeding him with my own hands. Mom and dad seem indignant but they are secretly pleased someone else gets to do it for a change! 😜
    9. Socks are a part of my body. No one is allowed to touch them. I don’t care if they stink or its summers. You get a kick if you come near and I assure you it hurts. Ask the doctor who tried to remove them yesterday! Lucky for him he was already at the hospital 🤣
    10. No and Don’t are my favourite words. DON'T ask me more. NO I won’t tell you why. 😑
    And thats a wrap. Here's me in the photo. I wanted to post a smiling selfie but mum wouldn’t let me. She says Nazar lag jayay gi! I tried to explain I’m already sick so that doesn’t apply. But she’s old fashioned, head strong and very very stubborn. Guess we all know who I have taken after. Wink wink 😉
    Anyway dear old folks, until next time.
    Take care and Stay Alive
    Photo Courtesy: Sundus aunty from Chamak & More
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