• Chiria

    I call my daughter Chiria. She is free spirited, agile and fearless. Physically she is tiny, NO, ‘petite’ as her gori peadetrician calls her. Being lightweight, she moves quickly and effortlessly. At a year old she’s already trying to climb any surface she can find, as if to reach the sky, ready to fly.
    You would think, I call her chiria because she reminds me of a bird...... Right?
    I call her Chiria because she’s full of chir chir or chirchirapan if you will.
    On the surface she has a beautiful smiling face. Her doe-like eyes, her adorable messy hair, her chubby little legs. She’s just the perfect combination of sweet and spice. Most people, when they meet her, fall in love with her.
    But under all that charm and loveable personality is a curiously unsatisfied child. She is easily bored and can find a reason to be unhappy in any given situation. If she’s on the floor, she wants to be picked up. If picked up, she wants to be put down. If she’s sitting, she wants to stand. If standing, she wants to sit. When she’s made to eat, she will not. Take away her food, she wants it back. Everyday putting her to sleep is a nightmare. Feed her, she wants to be rocked. Rock her, she wants to be fed. Mostly I’m found, stuck in between both positions and still getting kicked in the stomach for doing it wrong!
    Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! My Chir Chir Karti Chiria!
    Some days, it’s so tough being Chiria’s mother. I know it’s not nice to say this about my own child but really I just can’t help it. Generally, I’m not the complaining type at all. I would hardly, if ever, show annoyance for anything. You wont find me unhappy or making a fuss!
    This right here? Oh, this is just a rant of sorts ....... a kind of a whinge. Actually it’s more like a whine of dissatisfaction over the irrational behaviour of my 1 year old. In fact, a little moan or a squeak, a chirp even. What’s that in Urdu? A ‘Choo’ ... yes, the sound a bird makes, “Choo Choo”.
    You know, speaking of which, I just remembered the funniest thing.
    Growing up, my mother used to call me ‘Choo Choo”! Actually, “Choo Choo ka Murabba” to be exact! I never really asked why. 🤔
    Hmmm, it’s probably because I was sweet, just like a murabba a.k.a Jam. Yup, I’m quite sure that’s the reason. Unlike my Chir Chir karti Chiria, I, must have been the sweetest child,
    A tiny little “ Choo Choo Ka Murabba”
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