• The expat experience

    It’s been eight years since I moved to Australia, and while I miss Pakistan every day, I can’t imagine raising my little family elsewhere.
    There is a strange sense of comfort in this expat way of life.
    It’s simple. It’s subdued. It’s modest.
    There is less hanging out and more staying in.
    There is less expectation and more action.
    There is less judgment and more acceptance.
    You share a sense of comradeship with people around you - All held together by a common sense of displacement.
    Life here is simple joys, it’s quiet days, it’s quality over.....
    My train of thought was interrupted, having caught off-guard by my own reflection. With a sigh of satisfaction, I peered into the still water, admiring its glistening surroundings.
    The TOILET BOWL I’d been scrubbing for the past few minutes shimmered, its seat shining in the afternoon sun. As the Aussie expression goes, “What a Beauty mate!” 🤩
    So Anyway, what was I saying?
    Oh Yes
    Life here is ........ ummm.... Quality.... 😳
    yeh Khushgawaar Khaamoshi,
    yeh Taskeenbaksh Tanhai,
    Laa-Mehdood Neela Aasman,
    Hari Chaaon main Doobay Road
    Zindagi kuch aisi hui Shaffaaf si,
    Pur-Nur si jaisay
    Apnay haathon se
    Ghissaya Hua,
    Ragraaya hua,
    Chamkaaya Hua,
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