• The Day Ustaad Nouman Ali Khan replied to my comment

    I’ve always been known for my quips. Funny statuses, cheeky comments, fun puns. I mean they are mostly lame but still....
    Sometimes I’m lucky to have a ‘conversational moment’ with people on socal media who I follow and love.
    Below are some example of their posts and my responses to them.
    Example 1: Drama Mama
    Drama Mama: Today's headlines:
    CNN - No amount of alcohol consumption advisable for health
    BBC - Use honey first for a cough
    Muslims everywhere: What's new here?
    Me: WHO (World Health Organisation) says Ideal time period of nursing a baby, two years.
    When I told my peadtrician I’d be nursing till child is two years, she says “wow you sure are following WHO recommendation” and I’m like WHO who? I’m just doing what Allah Tallah said 🤷🏻‍♀️
    *Notification: Drama Mama replied to your comment*
    *Rushes to check response*
    Drama Mama: WHO who 😂
    —- - — —- - — —- - — —- - — —- - — —- -
    — —- -
    Example 2: The Average Mommy
    The Average Mommy: I turn down some requests because I just can’t be sure if it’s a male profile or female because of a name that can go either way 😛
    Me: oh MAN! I mean woman! I mean man ....🤔
    *Notification: The Average Mommy replied to your comment*
    *Rushes to check response*
    The Average Mommy: 😂😂
    —- - — —- - — —- - — —- - — —- - — —- -— —- -
    Example 3: Ustaad Nouman Ali Khan
    Nouman Ali Khan: I’ve made a conscious effort to give up drinks and snacks that have artificial sugars. I’m also doing my best to cook my own meals using fresh and organic ingredients. If food has been sitting in a CAN for a month without going bad, how do you think it will get absorbed by your body?
    Me: Good for you Ustad. You ‘CAN’ do it. I mean you ‘CAN’ not? So CANfused!
    *Notification: Nouman Ali Khan replied to your comment*
    *Rushes, trips, knocks over a kid or two to check response*
    Nouman Ali Khan: Can you not?*
    Schooled on grammar by the Ustaad! Someone kill me now! 😩
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