• Console Love

    Not telling a story Today.
    Just a photo of my Dining Room Console looking pretty.
    The console itself is two old study tables that husband had swapped for a shinier newer one. The hanging mirror sat in our storage for a year till we moved to our current house and I found it a home. The small fabric rug is my son’s prayer mat from Makkah, too small for him to use. The painting is handmade by younger sister that I may have *forcefully* gifted myself. The pink book is what a friend left behind when she moved overseas. The black one is a famous cookbook that husband got from eBay. I believe it was in an effort to make me cook something other than food using Shan Masalas. The glass lantern was on clearance and just calling my name to take her home. The white diffuser changes colours and makes my home smell pretty. It’s a latest addition to my must have decor things. And the plants? The plants are collected over time because hey PLANTS=LOVE
    Not telling a story Today.
    Because my Dining Room Console just did!!

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