• On writing

    I don’t write impromptu posts. Not ever.
    I like my stories to take shape in my mind before it goes on paper. I also never sit down to write anything rather I do it alongside life as it’s happening. The Cooking, cleaning, minding children, feeding children, referee-ing children and everything else in between. Maybe that’s why this “blogging thing” has lasted me almost a year.
    In my stories , the VERY FIRST thing I write is the ending. Frankly that’s the part I actually know for sure. Then I piece the rest together. Once you know where you are going, it’s easy to find your way, Right? Kind of like how you solve a puzzle because you can see the final image on the box.
    I write it and I read it. I read it and I edit it. Write. Read. Edit. Repeat. Down to the point where I‘m so sick of it that I leave it alone.
    And then I come back to it when i’m feeling the lowest in my day. The most tired. When my energy is the downest down it can be.
    When my brain cells are FRIED and I desperately need some comic relief in my life.
    I read and I laugh. IF I laugh, I post!
    I’ve been asked why I write. My reply is always the same. I write for myself. I write to make my day better. I write because I want to find joy in my everyday life.
    I write because I want to laugh and have others laugh WITH me. Not at me and especially NOT at others. Not the Amir liaquats. The Tahir shahs. The Meeras and the Qandeels.
    Just WITH me. Together. Me and you. Sharing a small moment of joy. Laughing to get our hearts pumping again. Getting that oxygen back to our tired brains.
    The thing is, like all stories I know the ending of mine and you know of yours. Don’t we all?
    And the rest?
    The rest gets puts into place bit by bit. Piece by piece.
    Write. Read. Edit. Repeat.
    Hopefully, shaping it all into a wonderful story that ends in joy, smiles, laughs and an eternal afterlife full of ... UNLIMITED BIRYANI! 🤩
    Now that’s something to be joyous about!

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