• On Grocery Shopping

    There are two ways people shop for groceries; The light buyers and the bulk buyers.
    The light buyers, buy as per their need. They enjoy the process of going out to buy fresh every few days. They are minimalist by nature and dislike excess and waste.
    The bulk buyers on the other hand, like saving time and money. They prefer investing their days either staying at home or going out, but not spending it on mundane tasks like grocery shopping!

    And then, there is Us!

    We essentially belong to the latter group. We are bulk buyers in essence, but we over time, have gone above and beyond that limiting definition.

    When we buy, we ensure it saves us a few extra dollars down to the cents. So Nappy brand 1 is chosen over Nappy brand 2 because 1 was cheaper by 3 whole cents and honestly it doesn’t really matter what brand it is because we all know it’s pretty much money down the drain ( like literary!)

    Another reason for buying as we do, is to have things readily available at home. For example when we run out of ketchup we can quickly open the new bottle from the pantry (because that’s our son’s staple food source and we don’t know what will happen if we stop the supply) or when the dishwashing tablets are finished, a new pack is readily available and our dishes don’t have to stay dirty (what wash by hands? Omg are you for real?!)

    And the last and arguably the most important reason to buy as we do is in an abject fear of shops running out of our favorite item!! (yes this phobia exists, commonly known as shopsrunningoutofourfavoriteitem-mania). So although we buy in bulk, our weekends are still spent grocery shopping. Buying more things in bulk and backing up the backup supply so it’s backed up for days we need the backup! 

    After 7 years of marriage, I see other families buying property, saving for their kid’s educations and investing money in lucrative ventures. We on the other hand are spending our days shopping, stuffing cabinets & cupboards, wardrobes & boxes and pretty much building towers with (one of our most favorite) cookie tins.

    P.S: If you have read this to the end, please replace All ‘WE’ with ‘HIM’ (aka husband) in the above expert. I’m pretty sure He will never read it and if he does, it wont be this far down! It’s all good.

    P.P.S: if you or anyone you know belongs to the 3rd group please tag them here. It would give me some peace to know there are others like Him ... ahem... I mean Us!
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